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“The Destructors”

Filed under: English 12 — zohmos12bc at 9:09 am on Monday, July 13, 2009
What good qualities do the delinquent in the story have? Do they differ from other gangs you know about or have read about?

Some good qualities that the delinquents have are that they don’t want to do something that would take them to court and they still think about what’s going to happen to them in the future, and follow their family rules.  The Wormsley Common Gang differs from other gangs that they are different from other gangs because they don’t do anything as dangerous beyond that point.

How does the gang respond to the gift of the chocolate Mr. Thomas offers them? What does this reveal about the members of the gang?

 The gang members believe that the gift of chocolates Mr. Thomas handed them was a bribe for them was to just stop bouncing balls on his wall, and this shows that not many people was well respected in that group and no one shows kindness or respect anymore.

Describe the power dynamics of the gang. When Trevor joins the gang, what is it that makes him accepted? What jeopardizes his place in the gang? What seems to be valued by the gang?

Trevor can’t act as if he can be part of gang, and knowing and caring about the building and the history of it jeopardizes his place in the gang, as well as taking Blackie’s place as a leader which really mean that Trevor is very smart. The reason why Trevor was accepted by the other in the gang was because he know allots of information about the building of the houses for them to be easier. In the book it says that “…there were possibilities about his brooding silence that all recognized.” it really means that he has leadership and skills.

 What is Trevor’s plan?

Trevor plan is to get inside Mr. Thomas’ and destruct Old Misery’s house by ruining the banal and the staircase est… On the inside to insure no one can notice what is going on from the outside so they were extra careful.






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